Our own shops are settled in Klatovy, Domažlice and Sušice. Every day you can choose from a variety of daily pastries, bread and confectionery and of course we also offer whole wheat products. For gourmets and gastronomes we also bake tasty desserts, cookies and Linzerstangerl. For Easter and Christmas we bake lambs and sweets for you and also help you with your family celebrations and weddings.

    The rye flower products are increasingly more wanted, and not only for the followers of the healthy life stile. As we want to satisfy our customers, we started baking rye bread „Žitovák“ and small rye sandwiches. Both these products contain only rye flower. Rye is very much appreciated for it‘s contents of vitamins, trace elements and fibres and also contains less gluten than wheat. You can get our rye products in our company shops or with selected dealers.